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How to get the Apollo Pharmacy Franchise?

How to get the Apollo Pharmacy Franchise?

Medicines are crucial in today’s world. Technology has gone a long way, and many of the issues of the past have evaporated as a result of its advancement. The medical field is one area where technology has had a significant influence. Today, there is a treatment for every ailment. Whether you have a headache or a fever, you can treat it with drugs and get better quickly. But where may one obtain these medications? This is when pharmacies come into the picture.

When it comes to pharmacies, there is just one name that stands out: Apollo Pharmacy. The Apollo Pharmacy outlets sell a wide range of medications. Apollo Pharmacy has earned the confidence of the people of India and built a large and loyal customer base in the country by providing excellent service to its clients for many years. If you’re considering opening an Apollo Pharmacy franchise in your area, you’ve come to the right place.

About the Company
Apollo Pharmacy is owned by Apollo Hospitals, Asia’s largest healthcare group. Apollo has established itself as Asia’s leading provider of integrated healthcare services. It also has a strong presence in the healthcare ecosystem, including hospitals, pharmacies, primary care clinics, and diagnostic clinics. With over 3000 facilities in strategic locations, it is India’s first and biggest branded pharmacy network.

Through its 24-hour Pharmacies, the organization provides authentic drugs around the clock. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Apollo Pharmacy. Every pharmacy is well-stocked with OTC and FMCG items and is staffed by knowledgeable employees who use a computerized system.

Reasons to Take a Franchise of Apollo Pharmacy
Here are some reasons why you should take a Franchise of Apollo Pharmacy:

● Apollo Pharmacy is India’s first branded pharmacy chain, pioneering the notion of branded and corporate healthcare services.
● With over 3000 locations, the firm is on track to open 5000 additional retail stores in underserved areas of the country, with an emphasis on the East and North.
● In the next four to five years, Apollo Pharmacy expects to enhance its revenue to ten thousand crores.
● The corporation employs over 21,000 people, demonstrating the employees’ trust in the three-decade-old institution.
● With an International Quality Certification, Apollo Pharmacy is a name that people trust implicitly for authentic pharmaceuticals and healthcare items.
● Apollo Pharmacy franchise provides greater and more thorough access to world-class technology, as well as access to the most up-to-date pharmaceuticals, and is open to collaborations and commercial exposure.
● Employees have a better understanding of drugs and health care by working in the field. Prescription management, including organizing medications according to their requirements and keeping track of all sales and restocks in a log book.

Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Requirements

Being linked with this high-end pharmacy brand necessitates a little financial commitment as well as a healthy dose of business zeal. With a token investment of 10 to 20 lakh rupees and a one-time registration cost, you may establish a franchise. The franchisee must also adhere to the franchisor’s stated space and stock criteria.

(i) Basic Requirement
To run and work in a pharmacy, sufficient drug licensure is required. Under form 19, operating without a valid license is a penal violation. In India, drug licensing is handled by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) and the State Drugs Standard Control Organization.

To obtain a drug license, you must provide the following documentation:

● Voter’s ID, Aadhar card, PAN card, and other forms of identification Proof of address
● Application form and certificate of declaration
● Affidavit of a certified pharmacist or a competent individual working in the pharmaceutical industry
● Proof of ownership of the needed premises, as well as a plan and possession of the premises

(ii) Area Required
A minimum of 120 to 150 square feet is necessary to open an apollo pharmacy. At least 200 square feet is necessary for the megastore, which mixes retail and wholesale.

To achieve optimum client turnover, the business should be positioned in a busy location. The most popular locations include an upmarket residential complex, a hospital, a stationary, or a marketplace.
(iii) Basic Qualification and Experience Required
A pharmacist must have either a Doctorate of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) or a post-graduate professional degree with a medical background. An expert pharmacist is needed to provide patients instructions and advise them when and how much medication they need to take. They should review and complete any insurance documents that come their way, as well as keep track of medical bills and other procedures.
(iv) Training
Absolutely, they organize a franchise training program. You can locate the Apollo Pharmacy Training Center on the Franchise Site.
(v) Staff Requirements
At least two employees are needed in a pharmacy. A certified pharmacist should always be on the scene to aid and aid others. Without the approval of a certified pharmacist, no medications should be provided.
(vi) Investment
The entire investment necessary to create an Apollo Pharmacy franchise in a city is between 10 to 20 lakh rupees, including a one-time registration cost.
(vii) Revenue Model
The franchise is renewable, and the working staff, which consists of one pharmacist and two staffers, is paid roughly Rs. 65,000 a month for providing service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The medications should be sent from a chemist store that is properly licensed to sell them. Apollo hospitals have seen a 71 percent increase in profits.
How to Get An Apollo Pharmacy Franchise?
The official website has no detailed information. As a result, all you have to do to apply for a franchise is going to the website. Then proceed to the contact page. Also, fill out the franchise inquiry form. Follow this link to apply for an Apollo Pharmacy franchise:

Final Thoughts
This well-known pharmacy chain is unquestionably leading the healthcare business and is expected to develop at a breakneck pace in the future years. It is truly ‘Touching Lives’ of millions of people with its excellent customer service and authentic and reliable pharmaceutical supplies.

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