Master Franchise Services 

Master franchisee services

If you are an investor looking to procure multiple franchise for a particular territory or region then we suggest to go for Master Franchisee agreement. In the Master Franchisee agreement, an investor procures Master Franchisee and distributes multiple individual franchisees to develop a region or a territory from the franchisor.

Multinational companies or large brands or investors seeking to invest large amounts usually prefers this type of agreement. There are many advantages to the Master Franchisee owner. Like,

1. Control over territory

Master Franchisee owner gets the right of the entire territory for which the franchisee has been allocated. The owner enjoys more control over the territory and can plan distribution of individual franchisees as per the go-to market strategy. Starting a Master Franchisee requires large investment and need more commitment from the owner as the franchisor or the company puts more trust in Master Franchisee owner in growing the market. The Master Franchisee owner needs to invest more since he buys rights of multiple franchisee in one go for a particular territory.

2. Freedom of marketing

The Master Franchisee owner enjoys freedom in planning go-to market strategy for any territory. The onus of growing a particular territory now lies with the Master Franchisee owner as he gets the collective budget for the promotion and growth of the entire category for particular market at much larger level. The Master Franchisee owner works very closely with the franchisor as a strategic growth partner and gets access to product roadmaps and growth plans at the territory level.

3. Single large investment

The Master Franchisee owner invests large amounts in procuring the franchisee rights as the right of franchisee are taken for multiple franchisee or for the particular territory. And as an investor, this presents a great investment opportunity as one doesn’t have to invest in multiple finance products and keep track of multiple investments. Procuring Master Franchisee presents a great in this manner to expand the business from franchisor perspective as well, reason being franchisor has to partner with one single company and that company takes care of the entire growth initiatives.

4. Excellent ROIs

After one has procured a Master Franchisee rights, one gets greater opportunities of growing the returns as one has more control of the market. The franchisee owner can segment the market well as per the go-to market strategy and can focus on the areas that presents more growth potential. Since the owner gets the dashboard of the returns of the entire market, he is in a better position to increase ROIs and get more returns on the equity procured.

5. Strategic management

Since the Master Franchisee owner gets the right of the entire territory, apart from using franchisor’s brand, franchisor’s processes and controlling mechanism. The Master Franchisee owner has the full freedom to select the human resources at every franchise location. Additionally, he has rights over the entire management of the franchise locations. He can play a much larger role in day-to-day operations. The owner has more knowledge of the socio-political environment and therefore

Franchisor allows the Master Franchisee Owner to set up his own strategic management processes and allocate resources accordingly.

How do we as help our clients in Master Franchisee?

Our team of experts is equipped to work at different levels with the investors who are interested in taking Master Franchisees.

1. Procuring business franchisee leads

Our platform gets xxx traffic everyday that includes investors, franchisors and existing franchisee owners. We help our clients/franchisors with the business leads needed for developing territories.

2. Business Consulting

In addition, our experts offer management and business consulting to our clients who subscribe to our services. Our team of CAs, MBAs, Brand experts and Entreprenuers help the franchisee owners with the direction needed to grow the business at the next level.

3. Growth of Individual Franchisees

Our teams are fully equipped to provide growth plans of individual entreprises to the Master Franchisee Owners this includes writing legal agreements for on-boarding individual franchisees and providing marketing support to the franchisee owners at a monthly subscription fees.

4. Industry research reports

Constant growth is essential for any franchisee to stay in the business, our teams of researchers offer these timely research reports so that franchisees can learn from the business best practices by subscribing to our monthly fees.

5. Legal Support

Our in-house teams of on-panel legal experts provides all the legal services assistance to ease the business operations to the individual/master franchisees as well as to the franchisors at a monthly subscription fees.

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