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Excited to see you have taken the right step to register yourself, whether you are an investor interested in taking a franchise or you are an existing business interested in expanding your markets.

When you register with us you start getting the following services from us:

a. Access to industry reports: Our team of experts is tirelessly working to prepare industry insights for our clients, these reports help you in managing and growing your business well. With our exclusive reports you can manage your P&L well and can also compare your performance with the peers and can become an undisputed industry leader.

b. Brand consulting: Your growth is our motto! Therefore, our support doesn’t end with just industry reports and insights. Our team with decades of experience in managing brand portfolios across industries also help you with brand consulting so that you can steer your brand in the right direction.

c. Digital Marketing Support: The next benefit you get is the initial digital marketing support. We help you with generating leads so that you can reach directly to the end customers. After this you can continue with digital marketing service by paying a nominal fee month on month. All our efforts are aligned with your growth.

d. Documentation: We understand when you are working as an entrepreneur you do not have access to an in-house team of legal experts. So our team of experts guides and vet all the legal contracts for you and help you save time and concentrate your efforts in lead generation.

Start your entrepreneurial journey with us!

Here is how you can register with us. Register as an investor for taking a business franchise? Please fill in the form below and don’t miss out on the opportunities.

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Register as a Franchiser and expand your business.

When you register with us you start getting the following services from us:

a. Ready clients: Our team of experts and our platform gives you access to ready clients who can partner with you. We do the initial checks to get you the right partner. We read financial reports of your potential partners and help you save time and concentrate time in closing the deal with ready access to the business leads.

b. Business consulting: Our team of consultants comes with decades of experience in managing brands and franchisees and have that geographical know-how that can help your brand grow to the next level and chart new territories.

c. Digital & Offline Marketing Support: When you on-board any partner we provide the digital marketing & offline marketing support to them on your behalf. We have ready made subscription plans that your potential franchisee owners can subscribe to and take the initial business leap.

d. Geographical know-how: This is one of our strength areas where we provide exclusive state and district wise demand forecasting for you. Our field teams help you collect that purchase data that you need to identify your potential customers and potential market. We work very closely with our clients to identify the right franchise partners for them.

e. Documentation Support: Our team of CAs, Cost Accountants and legal experts help you in getting the right documents in place so that seamless closing of the deal can take place. They prepare and vet franchisor-franchise agreements for a long term relationship between both the parties.

Here is how you can fill in the form and take your brand to the next level of growth.

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