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Sales and marketing

Our in-house teams of experts from advertising and digital marketing background offer brand consultancy in the domain of sales & marketing. We ensure brand consistency across territories for brands and franchisors.  Franchisors and brand owners can subscribe to our following services. Our teams have made rate cards for the following services:

1. Print advertising and promotions

Our in-house teams of creative professionals, designers, content writers and media professionals provide print advertising collateral and specialise in media-planning for print medium. As a franchisor you can subscribe to our print advertising services and be sure about the brand guidelines and brand consistency across territories. We help take your brand to print giants like The Times of India, The economic times, Hindustan Times, Hindu, Live Mint and more. 

2. Radio advertising and promotions

In radio advertising we offer solutions in creating radio jingles, promotional creative ideas and media planning. Our clients can subscribe to our creative services in the radio domain to promote their franchisee locally in their areas.  We have marketing tie ups with leading FM channels. 

3. Digital media and marketing services

Many digital media and marketing consultants and experts work on-panel with us. They are well equipped to take your brand to the next level. We offer social media handling, search ads, social media content creation, campaign management and innovative creative ideas to our clients relevant for the franchising industry. We can run lead generation on Facebook, Google adwords, Linkedin, SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Landing page, website creation, display banners and innovations etc. 

4. Outdoor media solutions

Our in-house OOH solutions teams provide services like reiki of the sites, media plans for particular territories, outdoor branding and reporting to the franchisors and for the brand managers. Custom reporting dashboarding is made available on-demand to the franchisors. Our marketing teams have decades of experience in the franchising industry and are well equipped to handle small, medium and large brands across industries.

5. Transit media solutions

Innovations and creating buzz for the franchisors and for our clients has been our forte. Our teams offer custom transit media solutions for the consumer on-the-go to interact with your brand and reach out to the nearby franchisee. We run these promotion campaigns across industries and across territories. This includes advertising on any moving media like train, bus, metro or cab services. 

we also undertake and organise events and exhibitions etc.

Subscribe to our services and take your brand to the next level Please fill in the form below for the rate card along with your requirements or Speak to our Tele-Marketing-Consultants on our Toll Free Helpline No.


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