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What are the Top 10 Business Services Franchisee in India?

What are the Top 10 Business Services Franchisee in India?

Business services franchises specialize in two areas: assistance and advice. Franchises that give small, medium, and big businesses the aid and guidance they need to keep their operations running smoothly and successfully are known as business services. Because businesses require assistance and guidance in a wide range of sectors, the business services franchise industry may be the most diverse. Accounting, business counseling, advertising and marketing help, energy and green services, event management, information technology (IT) support, mailing and shipping, staffing, and printing are examples of service franchises.

Business services franchises are particularly beneficial to small and medium-sized firms. Smaller businesses choose to outsource their needs to business franchises since they have fewer resources. These franchises assist small firms in adapting to the ever-changing business environment. Small business owners may then concentrate on what they do best: running their own company, while business services franchisees handle the rest.

Franchises in the services industry are typically very people-oriented, and the same is true for business services franchises. Owners of franchise businesses who are comfortable dealing with others and networking are ideal candidates. A background in sales or customer relations is advantageous, but not needed, for running a business services franchise.

Top 10 Business Services Franchisee in India

1. Tender Steps

Associate with Tender Steps, a well-known preschool business that adheres to a high international learning standard. Their four preschool facilities in Maharashtra have gotten a lot of positive feedback. Tender Steps has graduated over 15000 students so far. This is your chance to continue their legacy.

Tender Steps is a part of the prestigious CDS School, which is regarded as one of the region’s best ICSE schools. It started in Nagpur and has since modernized and extended to other places, including Pune, after helping a number of children to identify and develop their identities. Being a well-known brand with a unique business model & excellent margin, Tender Steps offers training to the franchisee’s faculty, sales, and marketing staff.

Investment – INR 5 Lacs – INR 6 Lacs

2. Wash Mart

Wash Mart is a laundry, dry cleaning, and associated service firm that was formed with the goal of providing laundry and allied services in a professional and cost-effective manner. Their primary goal is to transform the industry by providing a well-organized and professionally managed retail and e-commerce service.

Their team is made up of enthusiastic and knowledgeable individuals who are working together to realize Washmart’s vision and objective, which is to become the number one player in the laundry and washing market. One of their USPs is a low investment with high returns. Apart from providing world-class machines and eco-friendly solvents, it offers exceptional brand support.

Investment – INR 9 Lacs – INR 9.95 Lacs


Arihantitsolutions is a business-to-business trade platform that works without the use of a middleman. They help their clients in locating their customers, sharing information, directly negotiating, expanding globally, and conducting business.

Arihant IT Solutions owns and operates Arihant SMS. Their goal is to keep up with technological advancements and provide practical solutions to clients in the realm of wireless and web technology. They are convinced that wireless technology and the internet, as well as collaboration across web, office, and mobile communication, are merging with such force that no industry can ignore these changes.

They are in a time where the thrill of the wireless era has the potential to magically transform everyone’s day-to-day lives. Customers will find all of the tools and services they need to successfully perform business publishing, marketing, and worldwide expansion through the internet.

Investment – INR 1 Lacs – INR 2 Lacs

4. Seekruit

With its better digital hiring and skilling solutions, Seekruit, India’s first recruitment process aggregator platform, is poised to disrupt the HR market. The new-age multi-aggregator platform, which is powered by AI, seeks to minimize inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the traditional recruiting process by connecting businesses with pre-screened individuals. Digital Employment Exchange (DEX) and Regional Employment Exchanges are two other revolutionary concepts pioneered by the company. It plans to create 3,000 DEX centers across India to make its platform available to candidates from all socioeconomic levels and locations.

Investment – ​INR 5 Lacs to INR 25 Lacs

5. Just Yatra

Just Yatra Holidays is an online travel company based in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. The company offers business-to-business services such as air, hotels, buses, packages, insurance, visa, meeting rooms, day offices, video conference rooms, and IT solutions via a website that is linked by a third-party service provider. JYT provides the service via its retail locations, channel partner network, mobile cellular technology, and e-mail.

Just Yatra offers over 80,000 real-time hotel reservations, as well as 370,000 hotels through third-party service providers, over 453 airlines, and over 3,000 interesting vacation activities and attractions from around the world. Clients can choose and purchase a large range of flights, hotel accommodations, trips, LTC packages, and tourism sites all over the world with Just Yatra.

On a monthly basis, the company provides a Start-up Kit (posters, pen drives, envelopes, visiting cards, t-shirts, authorized certificates, banners/glow signs*, e-materials, e-books, and deal sheets). Weekly e-training is available. Air, buses, hotels, packages, recharges, insurance, and visas are all available.

Investment – INR 7.5 Lacs

6. YOffices

The YOffices in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon offer fully serviced and furnished, plug-and-play offices that meet international standards. They provide a variety of tenure options, ranging from a few days to several years. Cabins of various sizes are available, ranging from tiny capacities (5 seats/15 seats) to large capacities (70 seats).

Small enterprises and start-ups, on the other hand, generally rely on effective control of overheads for survival and sustainability. YOffices delivers all of the services and facilities that these businesses require without any of the fixed costs. At YOffices, size doesn’t matter, whether you’re a one-person company or a 100-person enterprise. All clients receive custom-tailored solutions and have access to the same world-class infrastructure.

Investment – ​INR 10 Lacs to INR 15 Lacs

7. Fusion Event Planning

The act of blending significantly disparate ethnic or regional components, styles, or techniques is known as fusion. Fusion Event Planning is here to bring all of the elements of any event together and present it with meticulous attention to detail. Fusion Event Planning is a full-service event styling, production, and hospitality firm dedicated to making any big day one to remember! They have been planning and coordinating amazing weddings and events for over 20 years. They have established outstanding working ties with the most professional providers on the coast. They can assist in making a dream wedding a reality, whether it is a small intimate gathering or a more opulent wedding day.

Investment – INR 6 Lacs – INR 7 Lacs

8. Vision Pest Control

They take great satisfaction in offering themselves as a pest control company with a strong technical background and a strong dedication to customer care. They provide contract services to a number of reputable organizations, including hotels, hospitals, residential complexes, offices, and commercial complexes. They provide pest control prevention solutions that are very successful at eliminating pests while posing no health risks. A small investment in pest management ensures that enormous damage to property and human life is avoided.

Investment – ​INR 5 Lacs – INR 6 Lacs

9. Gxpress Solutions

Gxpress Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a full-service Global Logistics company that provides shippers around the world with dependable and personalized solutions. They are committed to meeting the increasingly complex needs of international trade by providing tailored solutions through their global agency network, which is managed by a dedicated team of professionals.

They take pleasure in being a dependable single-window logistics service provider at Gxpress Solutions. Their professional approach and meticulous attention to detail make them an excellent choice for their ever-growing list of global customers.

Investment – INR 6 L – INR 11 L

10. Stadhawk

Stadhawk was founded by two young and dedicated professionals and offers a wide range of services, which are provided by their highly professional and dedicated team members who work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to find solutions to a wide range of problems in the fields of high-end logistics, information technology, and lower-end laundry and dry cleaning services. They are a group of design thinkers with in-depth expertise in operations, marketing, and sales who are committed to long-term success.

Investment – INR 18 L – INR 20 L


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