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What are the Top 10 franchise businesses in India?

What are the Top 10 franchise businesses in India?

India has long been regarded as one of the world’s largest franchise marketplaces. A number of things impact the result. For example, thanks to its large population, the country boasts one of the largest consumer marketplaces. Fast food, restaurants, healthy food, and retail will continue to be among India’s most successful franchises.

The second change is due to several recent developments in the country, such as the privatization of the healthcare and education sectors, as well as the liberalization and globalization of the Indian economy. In this way, it appears that the highest profit franchise possibility in India is in Education, Training and Career Development, Health and Senior Care.

For both the franchisor and the franchisee, there are various benefits to owning and selling a franchise. On the one hand, the franchisee has access to the brand’s loyal customer base, creative support, legal guidance, and training support, while the franchisor may grow the business into other areas, boosting market share and revenues. However, before signing the signed line, investors and enterprises must extensively study their potential business partners.

Top 10 Franchise Businesses in India

1. Domino’s
It is one of the most well-known pizza franchises in India, with over 500 locations around the nation. It was founded in 1960 and has since grown to become the largest and most well-known pizza delivery business.

It would surprise you to discover that it has over 1 million clients in over 70 countries, including India. Apart from pizza, it also provides spaghetti, garlic bread, chicken wings, and a variety of other delicious foods.

The main advantage of this franchise is that it is a well-known brand with a popular taste; hence, there are excellent prospects of generating a profit.

2. Archies
As a well-known brand that sells greeting cards, personalized presents, artwork, and other similar items, this brand has a network of over 500 national and international locations.

For an inventory, design, music, and other similar accessories, an investment of roughly 12 lakhs is required. You may make a substantial amount of money from it every month, between 25% and 30%.

As a result, if you adore the arts and are creative, this might be an excellent franchise opportunity for you, as you can demonstrate your creativity while also providing people with a terrific gift-giving option.

3. First Cry
It is a well-known kid and baby brand that sells clothing and accessories for children. Because the investment is little and the rewards are great, this company has a lot of potentials.

People trust their goods since many people choose Firstcry over other brands, therefore being a franchisee may be extremely advantageous for you because people do not enjoy compromising when it comes to their children.

A minimum investment of 20 lakhs is required to get a franchise, with the franchisor providing marketing services. In addition, you’ll need 1000 square feet of floor space in a high-traffic area to stock the merchandise.

4. Lenskart
This company provides optical lenses, sunglasses, eyeglasses, and frames to people of all ages and is considered one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world. In just a few years, it has grown to be highly well-known in India, with stores in over 1000 locations.

They provide a wide range of options, making them the first choice of consumers seeking any type of optical or lens. They founded this business to provide individuals with affordable vision. Another interesting feature of Lenskart is that they provide a specific program for women who want to open a franchise.

5. DTDC Courier
It’s one of India’s fastest-growing distribution and logistics industries, with three new franchisees anticipated to open every day. It is a well-known brand, and obtaining a franchise in your region requires only a little investment of Rs. 1.5 lakh.

It takes only a few minutes to complete the application. This courier service may be started with a tiny room of at least 10X10. Delivering couriers to customers’ doorsteps necessitates a little amount of manpower as well.

6. Subway
Subway is one of the most well-known food and beverage companies in the world, having locations in 102 countries. The most successful business option is to launch a franchise business with the subway.

To obtain a Subway franchise, you must invest a minimum of Rs. 25 lakhs and have a minimum 300 square foot area. They need 8 people to work at their store, and they make a 20% profit margin on typical sales.

7. Lakme
With over 50 years in business, Lakme is a more well-known brand of beauty goods and cosmetics all over the world. They have a devoted following of clients that purchase their items just because of their brand name, which suggests quality from their online store.

In India, opening a franchise salon to market their beauty items is an excellent franchise opportunity. They already have over 150 physical locations in India, spread over 40 cities. Starting their firm needed a minimum expenditure of Rs. 10 lakh and a floor size of 500 square feet.

8. Dr. Batra’s
Dr. Batra’s is well-known for its homeopathic treatment of ailments such as acne, asthma, and allergy symptoms, among others. With more than 106 clinics in 47 locations throughout India, the United Kingdom, and Dubai, they are one of the significant fast-growing businesses in the healthcare business.

One of the industry’s forerunners offers skilled experts and others in the same field business possibilities. To begin their business in your location, you will need to invest between Rs. 20 lakhs and Rs. 30 lakhs and a minimum floor size of 500 square feet.

9. Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut began franchising in 1959, and the company is well-known for its fast-food restaurants. Pizza Hut prepares a variety of Italian dishes, such as pasta and pizza, and there is always a high demand for them among their consumers.

They just launched a franchise business opportunity in India, with over 17000 locations placed throughout the world. With a floor space of 500 sq. ft., the initial investment necessary to start their business in your location is between Rs. 30 lakhs and Rs. 40 lakhs.

10. KidZee School
Opening a tiny KidZee Pre-school in your neighborhood was the most successful preschool franchise business in the educational industry. KidZee is Asia’s largest preschool network, with over 900 locations operating effectively in 330 Indian cities.

To receive their franchise, you must invest Rs. 5–10 lakhs and have a minimum space of 2,500 square feet with all necessary amenities.

Final Thoughts

Given the current marketing trend in the country, starting a franchise business is a fantastic option. One of the nicest aspects is that the parent company offers you with a service in which they promote your company for you.

So now that you’ve learned about some of the top franchise businesses in India, you may pick one based on your preferences, location, and financial resources. Choosing a franchise business allows you to start your own business with minimal risk.

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