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What are the trending franchising opportunities in India?

What are the trending franchising opportunities in India?

Despite covid, which has stirred the entire business ecosystem there are still many extremely fast growing sectors in India. This is a lot due to the well established startup ecosystem in India. India still presents a lot of opportunities even in the stressed environment. Culture diversity, high population density, talented and educated youth has thrown open a whole lot of opportunities for young entrepreneurs in the sectors which barely existed in the pre-covid world.

Following sectors are still trending and people in the following domains are still making a fortune of them: Like

1. Medical Essentials
This is one sector which is going to keep growing due to Covid, in a country like India. Be it for the demand of medical grade masks, oximeters, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, oxygen concentrators, PPE kits and of course essential medicines like Paracetamol. Demand for these products is not going to change much while we are still anticipating that there could be a third wave of Covid. Individuals interested in this sector or coming from the pharma background and planning to start something of their own have tremendous scope even now.

2. Diagnostic Labs
Diagnostic labs had never existed before but names like Dr Lal Path Labs have over the years become the household name for most of the living in metro cities. Here Tier II and Tier III cities and rural areas offer tremendous opportunities in diagnostics. And after Covid innovations and growth in this sector continues to grow and presents a very lucrative opportunity for people planning to start up their own business with very low opportunities. One could definitely explore taking up franchises in this sector too.

3. Cloud kitchens
Another sector which is here to stay and keep growing is the need of Cloud Kitchens. Despite there being Swiggy, Zomato and McDonalds who are delivering food right at your door steps as delivery partners. There is a huge population which is Covid affected. They have patients at home or children who have become orphans or there are families with Covid singles who are unable to cook at home due to office work, they are going to need food service at home. Cloud kitchens seem a very promising sector which has hardly any initial investment. If one can partner with a known brand and take their franchise then one can easily start earning with very good returns.

4. Grocery & Milk
Till the time people are going to eat, cloud kitchens/ kitchens are going to stay. This sector has apparently no replacement. This business can be started with a minimum investment of 2-3 lacs and there are many established brands or franchisors who can get you groceries at a very minimal wholesale rate so that you a franchise don’t have to go out for purchasing. Bulk grocery gets delivered at your doorsteps..One can keep a very good mark-up as per the area and demand and can get good returns.

5. Logistics
Over 90% of the transactions during lockdown are happening using internet, be it m-commerce or e-commerce. And the backbone of this business is logistics. Till the time e-commerce is growing there is no way that logistics won’t grow. Ordering food and grocery while sitting at home was never so simple and yet important. This behaviour doesn’t look to change in the near future till the time we are fighting with Covid. So, logistics as a sector offers a very lucrative franchise business opportunities as well that can be started with low capital and low manpower resources.

6. Digital Marketing business
This is the new age communications business, where people mostly from ad agencies or creative backgrounds would mostly jump in. One needs a bit of creativity, a bit of business acumen and a bit of knowledge in the communications space. Then one can start this business. Of course its a manpower led, low cost business, driven by design and creativity. At many established brands and really fast growing startups have partnered with us to offer their franchises. This sector does offer steady business income but good returns.

7. Packaging
While grocery, ecommerce and ordering from home is growing or has become the need of the hour, this is one area which is indispensible and actually makes the delivery of any product possible. There are a very few household brands in this sector which makes it very lucrative for anyone looking to explore franchising opportunities.

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