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Why is it the right time that you choose franchise business?

Why is it the right time that you choose franchise business?

Our beloved clients who believed in us felt grateful that they started their franchise business at the very right time, while the challenges were more visible and opportunities were still hidden. Thankfully they believed in opportunities and took the plunge.

One of our client says “ Had they not started with franchisekaro.com they would have never been able to take their business to double digit growth in such challenging times”

Another client of ours says, “ It was mainly due to the expert advice of the franchisekaro.com team that they could touch turnover of over 3 Cr. even during the lockdown”

Most of the businesses had to pivot their business models during the pandemic. Either they have already pivoted or closed down. There are many reasons for it, none of us had ever faced the situation of the lockdown, neither worked so much from home. Clients are facing a very unique situation, and there are many factors which are presenting the never before need of starting a franchise business:

1. Virtual retail experience: Customers aren’t stepping out physically in the market. Retail experiences have either become virtual or moved mostly on digital.

2. Low cost business investments: Industries like airline, hospitality, luxury, media, publishing etc have seen almost no business for over a year and are now faced with a huge shortfall of cash reserves. Individuals working in these industries had to start something of their own. Therefore, startups are mushrooming with very low investments.

3. Need for flexible and educated workforce: Migrant manpower in a country like India that comes from rural or Tier II or Tier III cities have migrated back to their hometowns from the mainland business centres and are now working from home or they are looking for very low investment opportunities.

4. Mobile & Digital first business: Digital first economy has pushed businesses to the e-commerce world. Now businesses are using digital technologies for various reasons to showcase their products, sell their products, to reach out to new customers and markets, or to provide the last mile delivery of the products or services.

5. Location agnostic business models: ‘Place’ in the 4Ps of marketing has no meaning left in this digital world where the services delivery has gone purely digital. Today anybody can start any franchise business from anywhere with us.

At franchisekaro.com we help you identify, manage and grow your franchise business that fits right in this environment by offering franchises from established brands within your local boundaries from Indian brands like Amul, JioMart, Mother Dairy and brands from across the globe like KFC, Pizzahut etc.

Subscribe right now with us and get started with your franchise business and get marketing leading advice from India and across the globe.

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